Jiangsu edge Jilin 100-98 in CBA

2019年11月30日 16:42:27 | 来源:Xinhua

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Jonathan Gibson mercilessly made the game winner to help Jiangsu Dragons claim a 100-98 victory over Jilin Northeast Tigers in the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) league here on Friday.

Gibson scored 29 points and his teammate Miroslav Radulica contributed 23 points. Dominique Jones of Jilin had his night, notching 38 points, 10 rebounds and 11 assists.

Jones was on fire, putting Jilin on his shoulder to close the first half with a double-digit lead 60-48. Gibson and Radulica stood up for Jiangsu with consecutive scoring rain to stay in the game.

After winning the third quarter 22-21, Jiangsu regrouped in the final quarter, outscoring their peers 30-17 in the single period to reverse the trend as Gibson made a huge shot in the final seconds.